Factors affecting in sustainability of agricultural production systems in Iran | Abstract
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Factors affecting in sustainability of agricultural production systems in Iran

Author(s): Mehdi Shariatzadeh Joneydi

The purpose of this study is to identify factors affecting the sustainability of production systems in Shushtar township. Since agricultural production cooperatives have special importance in the region economy, identifying factors that threaten the sustainable and continuous production is of great importance. This survey has been conducted in crop year 2011 and the required data have been collected through questionnaires. The dominants approach of this investigation is surveying. The statistical population is the cooperative members of the province which has 1200 people. About 160 people have been selected as a sample via a multistage sampling method. The collective data using SPSS 11.5 software have been analyzed in a couple of descriptive and analytical sections. Descriptive results showed that most of farmers are illiterate and old. The results show that 66.78 % of production cooperatives lie in the relatively stable group. This study shows that there is a positive and significant relationship between age, farming experience, type of agriculture, agricultural land area, and area of cultivated land, ecological characteristics, social status, knowledge and attitudes for sustainable agricultural production cooperatives with stability. In multivariable regression analysis for identifying the influencing factors to sustainability has been showed that six variables of total production, attitude to sustainable agriculture, the amount of intake facilities, social association, and relational properties indicate about 81% of dependent variable of production cooperatives.