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Fast dissolving tablet: A review on revolution of novel drug delivery system and new market opportunities

Author(s): Debjit Bhowmik*, Chiranjib, Jyoti jaiswal, Vinod Dubey, Margret Chandira

Oral delivery is currently the gold standard in the pharmaceutical industry where it is regarded as the safest, most convenient and most economical method of drug delivery having the highest patient compliance. The tablet is the most widely utilized oral dose format. A novel tablet concept which offers ease of oral administration and benefits of increased patient compliance is the fast dissolving/disintegrating tablet (FDDT). This tablet format is designed to allow administration of an oral solid dose form in the absence of water or fluid intake. Such tablets readily dissolve or disintegrate in the saliva generally within<60 seconds. The oral drug delivery market was estimated to be worth $35bn in 2006 & forecast to reach$52bn by 2010 with a CAGR of 10%. Of this, the FDDT, taste masked & micro emulsion formulation segments constitute a 22% share with an expected CAGR of 17% to 2010.There is a clear opportunity for new enhanced oral products arising within thismarketsegment. Formulation advances using a conventional tabletting process have led to the development of mechanically robust tablets which readily dissolve/disintegrate within <50 seconds and can be formulated in a range of sizes from 10 -15mm. The tablets produced are stable, and can withstand shipment in conventional tablet containers without loss of integrity.Pre-clinical canine studies with a range of formulations have demonstrated palatability and ease of administration.A number of FDDT products for human and veterinary administration are currently under development and the delivery of water soluble as well as lipophilic drug compounds. Fast- or mouth dissolving tablets have been formulated for pediatric, geriatric, and bedridden patients and for active patients who are busy and traveling and may not have access to water.