Feasibility Studies on Rain gun Method of Irrigation System in Groundnut | Abstract
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Feasibility Studies on Rain gun Method of Irrigation System in Groundnut

Author(s): Praveen Kumar*, K. Bhanu Pradeep, S.G. Farida Begum, K. Ashok Kumar and P. Sumathi

A field study was conducted on groundnut by using different irrigation techniques, such as raingun, check basin and sprinkler irrigation systems. Irrigation is mainly a branch of engineering as it involves construction and maintenance storage and distribution works. In our country, raingun method of irrigation is becoming more popular for sugarcane due to convince in shifting. Sufficient formation such as coefficient of discharge, percentage of overlapped diameter for uniformity, etc is not available for designing the raingun system. The medium volume rainguin model was operated at different operating pressures of 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 kg/cm2with 14 mm diameter nozzle. The discharge is found increasing with increase in pressure head for raingun of nozzle size 14 mm is 3 kg/cm2. It was observed that increase in pressure increased the discharge of medium volume raingun irrigation system. The minimum discharge was observed at 2 kg/ cm2as 10.30 m3 /h for 14 mm diameter nozzle. The maximum discharged was observed at 3 kg/cm2as 12.13 m3/h for 14 mm diameter nozzle. The coefficient of uniformity of the raingun was determined at different operating pressure. The high coefficient of uniformity was found at 3 kg/cm2operating pressure and low uniformity of coefficient was found at 2 kg/cm2operating prerssure. The water application rates of the raingun under various pressures were determined. The maximum application rate of 10.86 mm/h was found at 2 kg/cm2and the minimum application rate of 9.32 mm/h was found at 3 kg/cm2. The maximum water use efficiency was maximum in case of raingun method of irrigation as compared to check basin and sprinkler irrigation system. Use of raingun sprinkler irrigation during early crop season helped in saving water when the soil infiltration rate was very high and need of water in the root zone was less. Using raingunmethodofirrigationsystem, 0.79 kg/m3 higherwateruseefficiencywasachievedascompared to checkbasinand sprinkler irrigation system, respectively. Benefit cost ratio of the raingun method of irrigation was found as 1.05, which indicated that the raingun method of irrigation was economically feasible.