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Formulation and evaluation of fast dissolving tablets of Rupatadine fumarate

Author(s): Pushpendra kumar, A. Pasupathi, Margret Chandira*, Debjit Bhowmik, Chiranjib, B. Jayakar, K.P.Sampath Kumar

The demand of fast dissolving tablets has been growing, during the last decade especially for geriatric and pediatric patients because of swallowing difficulties. Rupatadine fumarate is H1 and PAF antagonist used primarily in treatment of allergic rhinitis symptoms, seasonal or perennial. Fast dissolving tablets of Rupatadine fumarate were prepared by direct compression method.The tablets were prepared by using mannitol, microcrystalline cellulose as filler, crospovidone, croscarmillose, SSG as super disintegrants in different concentration (2-5%). Total twelve formations and one control tablet were prepared and evaluated for Hardness, friability, weight variation, content uniformity, wetting time, water absorption ratio, disintegration time and invitro drug release. Optimised formulation F4 was compared with control formulation for disintegration time and % drug release. The stability studies were performed as per ICH guidelines. The Optimized formulation (F4) showed no significant variations for the tablets parameters and it was stable for the specified time period. It was concluded the FDT for Rupatadine fumarate can be formulated for emergency treatment of allergic rhinitis.