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Formulation and Evaluation of Fluconazole Amphiphilogel

Author(s): Shiv Kumar Lalit, Aakash Singh Panwar, Gajanan Darwhekar and Dinesh Kumar Jain

The studies were conducted with an object to develop stable safe and efficient delivery system for Antifungal drug fluconazole. During the course of studies different Amphiphilogel formulations of fluconazole for topical application were prepared by using sorbitan monostearate (span 60), Tweem 80 and Tween 20, Iso-propyl myristate, purified water. The formulated fluconazole were evaluated for psychorheological characteristic, drug content, pH, spreadability. The viscosity of different formulations were determined by using Brookfield Viscometer at 25°C, the viscosity of formulations increases as the surfactant concentration increases. In vitro release studies were carried out using franz diffusion cell at Phosphate buffer pH 7.4 at 50 rpm. The cumulative % drug releases iXSn the formulation were found to be 88.70- 96.48 %. Finally stability studies were carried out for one month’s showed no separation of gel indicating overall stability. TLC studies clearly indicated thatY there is no any interaction in formulation.