Formulation and evaluation of oral colon targeted tablet of budesonide | Abstract
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Formulation and evaluation of oral colon targeted tablet of budesonide

Author(s): Pruthviraj S Pawar and M. A. Saleem

Colon targeted tablets of budesonide were prepared using pectin, guar gum as enzyme dependent polymers along with HPMC, HEC as time dependent polymers followed by pH dependent polymers like Eudragit S100 and Cellulose acetate phthalate. Fast dissolving core tablet of budesonide was prepared by using CCS as a superdisintegrant by direct compression method which showed rapid release within 2 min. The compression coating was done over the core tablets by using pectin, guar gum, HPMC and HEC in different ratios by direct compression method. The enteric coating was done on the compression coated tablets by using ES100 and CAP in different ratios by dip coating method. The FTIR of drug-polymer and polymer-polymer was studied and revealed the compatibility of drug-polymer and polymer-polymer. The tablets were studied for post compression parameters like thickness, hardness, friability, weight variation, and drug content were in acceptable range of pharmacopeial specification. In vitro swelling and in vitro drug release studies were carried out at different pH (1.2, 6.8 and 7.4). The compression coated formulation C1 (pectin: guar gum 1:2), C2 (HPMC: HEC 1:2) and C3 (HPMC, HEC: pectin, guar gum 2:1) showed good swelling (493.42%, 411.08% and 393.61%) up to 18, 20 and 21 h respectively. pH dependent polymers ES100: CAP in the ratio 2:1 as an enteric coating material applied over compression-coated tablet was capable of protecting the drug from being released in physiological environment of stomach and small intestine. This study proved that Budesonide compression-coated tablet, enteric coated with ES100: CAP in the ratio 2:1 may be beneficial in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome and nocturnal asthma.