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Formulation and evaluation of self-emulsifying drug delivery system for BCS Class - II Drug

Author(s): P. D. Chaudhari, Pravin Uttekar, Pranjal Motewar and Divya Sherekar

The oral route by so far, has always been the preferred route of drug delivery because it was the easiest and most convenient of non-invasive administration. But oral route possesses problems such as to poor bioavailability, hepatic metabolism, lack of dose proportionality.Therefore, developing suitable formulation for such active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) present a major challenge to pharmaceutical scientist. The purpose of study was to formulate solid self emulsifying drug delivery system containing Ketoprofen as sustain release dosage form. The aim of present research was to formulate Liquid SEDDS which contains the drug ketoprofen, oleic acid (oil), Tween 80 (surfactant) and Ethanol (Co-surfactant). The ratio of this component in this formulation was 22.50:25.8:51.6 9(w/w) and optimized by pseudo ternary diagram. The droplet size of optimized liquid with drug was 111.11nm and solid SEDDS 965nm. Silicon dioxide was used as adsorbent agent. The formulation was characterized for in-vitro studies. The work was aimed to increase dissolution rate as compared to other oral dosage forms.