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Formulation, development and optimization of metronidazole compression coated tablets

Author(s): Tarak J. Mehta, Satyanarayan Singh Rajput, Mukesh R. Patel, Kanu R.Patel Natvarlal M. Patel and Mohan Mothilal

The aim of present work was to develop colon-specific drug delivery systems based on polysaccharide chitosan, were evaluated using in-vitro method. Metronidazole is choice of drug for intestinal amoebiasis. These drugs are to be delivered to the colon for their effective action against E. histolytica wherein the trophozoites reside in the lumen of the caecum and large intestine and adhere to the colonic mucus and epithelial layers. But the pharmacokinetic profile of metronidazole indicates that the drug is completely and promptly absorbed after oral administration reaching a concentration in plasma of about 10 mg/ml approximately 1 hr after a single 500 mg dose. The administration of this drug in conventional tablet dosage form provides minimal amount of metronidazole for local action in the colon, still resulting in the relief of amoebiasis, but with unwanted systemic effects.4,5The factors Amount of chitosan (X1), amount of carbopol 934P (X2) showed significant effect on the release of metronidazole from the colon specific tablet formulation. Optimizing was performed using a 32 full factorial design to yield tablet that released a >80% in 12 hour.batch(0,0) as per the contour plot s shows the optimize batch. Present study summarized that chitosan and carbopol can be used successfully to deliver the drug in to colon.