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Formulation of Drug-Resin complex and evaluation of its molecular property & release kinetics

Author(s): Swapnil umakant wani, Prashant Shamkuwar, Ashwini Nagnath Yerawar, Ramandeepsingh Bedi

The purpose of this research was to formulate tasteless complexes of Fexofenadin Hydrochloride with Doshion P547 and to evaluate different factor affecting Drug-Resin Complexation wise, effect of batch and column process, complexation time, temperature, and pH on Fexofenadin Hydrochloride loading on Doshion P547 is reported. Drug resin complexes (DRC) were characterized by infrared spectroscopy, thermal analysis. Fexofenadin Hydrochloride release from DRC is obtained at salivary and gastric pH. The efficient drug loading was evident in batch process using activated Doshion P547 with a drug-resin ratio of 1:3. Drug complexation enhanced with pH from 1.2 to 5, while temperature did not affect the complexation process. Infrared spectroscopy revealed complexation of â??NH (drug) with Doshion P547. Drug release from DRC in salivary pH was insufficient to impart bitter taste. Complete drug release was observed at gastric pH in 2 hours. Doshion P547 is inexpensive, and the simple technique is effective for bitterness masking of Fexofenadin Hydrochloride.