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Free radical scavenging activity of aqueous n- butanol fraction of Prunus Persica l aqueous extract

Author(s): Lokesh deb, Binduswari Pandey, D.bhowmik,. A.S.Dutta,

An antioxidant is a chemical that prevent the oxidation of other chemicals. They protect key cell components by neutralizing the damaging effect of free radicals, which are natural by production of cell metabolism free radicals are form when oxygen is metabolized. In the body oxygen is essential for the survival of aerobic cell but it has long been known to be toxic to them when supplied at concentration greater than those in normal air. The biochemical mechanism responsible for oxygen toxicity include lipid per oxidation and the generation of H2O2 the super oxide radicals, O2. These free radicals can inhibit or propagate the process of lipid per oxidation. It is evident from our study that n- butanol fraction have shown dose dependent increase in free radical scavenging activity.