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Annals of Biological Research


FTIR analysis of bacterial mediated chemical changes in Polystyrene foam

Author(s): Meenashi Subramani and Umamaheswari Sepperumal

The accumulation of polystyrene waste is of environmental concern. Although land filling, incineration are in practice, it leads to the evolution of secondary pollutants. Biodegradation could be a sustainable approach in managing the disposal of these wastes. Microorganisms through their enzymatic activity could degrade polystyrene. With this view, the present study was designed to evaluate the potential of bacteria harbouring in polystyrene waste dumped soil to degrade polystyrene through FTIR technique. Dominant bacteria identified were Klebsiella sp., Micrococcus sp. and Pseudomonas sp. These bacteria were inoculated in MSM (Minimal salt medium) containing Polystyrene for a period of one month. FTIR analysis revealed chemical changes depicted by the evolution of new absorption peaks representing C = O, C - H, C- O on exposure of Polystyrene to Micrococcus sp., and O-H, C-C, C-H to Pseudomonas sp., Yet, further studies have to be conducted to trace the degraded products.