Fungal Aerospora over the Jowar Fields | Abstract
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Fungal Aerospora over the Jowar Fields

Author(s): MT Patil*, NS Mali

The fungal aerospora over the jowar fields at Barshi (Dist. Solapur, Maharashtra, India) was studied using Tilak air sampler. The fungal survey was carried out for one year from June 2015 to January 2016 for two consecutive seasons i.e., Kharif and Rabi. In the study season 57946 Spores/m3 were captured from kharif season while 37870 Spores/m3 from rabi season. The most occurring species were Alternaria, Plasmopara, Physarum, Uredospore, Leptosphaeria, Cladosporium etc. Spore concentration of class Deuteromycotina (Imperfect Fungi) was found to be dominant as compare to other classes of fungi on the contarary Myxomycotina was found to be less.