Importance of Biofertilizers in Agriculture Biotechnology | Abstract
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Importance of Biofertilizers in Agriculture Biotechnology

Author(s): Prashant Agarwal*, Ritika Gupta and Imneet Kaur Gill

Over the past few decades, many farmers have been involved in improving wild plants and animals by selection and breeding of their desirable characteristics. It has been estimated that by 2050, food supply has to be increased by 70 per cent to fulfill the demand of overgrowing population. Therefore, there is an urgent need to adapt biological sciences applications in agriculture field. Biotechnology is an amalgamation of variety of disciplines- molecular biology, bioinformatics, biochemistry, genetics and microbiology. The usage of combinations of these disciplines in agricultural field leads to generation of biotech crops with increased yield and enhanced quality. Agriculture biotechnology not only upgrades the quality but also utilizes the resources and livestock for the well-being of animals and wild plants. Some of the application of agriculture biotechnology encompasses genetic engineering, plant and animal tissue culture technology, hybridization, bioprocess and fermentation technology, gene selection through mutagenesis and biosensors for biological monitoring. New information technologies such as electronic communication systems, data processing and automation are gaining tremendous attention in order to improve the quality and efficiency of the farm work. This study mainly focuses on the improvisation and development of new varieties of crop plants through biofertilizers included in agriculture biotechnology.