In vitro antibacterial activity of leaf extracts of Justicia gendarussa wild | Abstract
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In vitro antibacterial activity of leaf extracts of Justicia gendarussa wild

Author(s): Yanala Suresh Reddy*, Anitha G., M. Nagulu, M. Rajavardhan Reddy, P. Hari Prasad, M. Jagath Sweth, V. Rajesh Kumar, G. P. Chandra Shekar Reddy

Traditional knowledge and ethno-botanical use of plants have been widely acknowledged all over the world. In the present scenario, emergence of multiple drug resistance to human pathogenic organisms, this has necessitated a search for new antimicrobial substances from other sources including plants. Justicia gendarussa a traditional medicinal liana, used by rural peoples, villagers and tribals residing in different parts of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, to treat various ailments. The Muthuvans, Chinnar tribe of Idukki district, Kerala is using stem bark of this plant as a remedy for inflamation. The study was carried out to ascertain the antibacterial properties present in different extracts of dried leaves of Justicia gendarussa The Antibacterial testing of leaf extract Justicia gendarussa was evaluated by Agar well diffusion method using gram positive bacteria like Staphylococus aureus, Bacillus subtilius, gram negative bacteria like Escherichia coli, Klebseilia pneumoniae. Amongst the test extracts, the results suggested that, Ethyl acetate, Ethanol extracts of leaf showed significant antibacterial activity compared with standard drug.

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