Incorporating Organic Techniques in Animal Production System | Abstract
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Incorporating Organic Techniques in Animal Production System

Author(s): Amelia Haisley*

Organic livestock farming has set itself the objective of developing environmentally friendly production, keeping animals in excellent condition, achieving high animal welfare standards, and generating high-quality products, all based on production principles. Organic livestock farming fulfils the expectations of a growing number of customers who are sceptical of traditional production techniques by pursuing these aims. The article provides an overview of the current state of the art in several areas. The possibilities and constraints of achieving self-directed objectives while adhering to organic farming's basic principles are explored.  In terms of product quality, there is minimal evidence that the manufacturing process has a system-related influence on product quality. The benefits of the fundamental criteria, it is determined, are largely connected to environmentally friendly production and animal welfare, but animal health and product quality are impacted more by individual farm management than by the production technique. There is evidence to support the idea that organic livestock production places more demands on farm management qualifications, including a larger chance of failure. As a result, quality assurance systems should be created to ensure that consumers' high expectations are met.