Insilco studies of mango genome cultivars and development of analysis tool | Abstract
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Insilco studies of mango genome cultivars and development of analysis tool

Author(s): Rabia Faizan

Mango is one of the famous and fifth most important subtropical/tropical fruit crop worldwide with the production centred in India and South-East Asia. Mango breeding is still mostly the selection of trees with superior fruit traits rather than hybrid production and evaluation due to the difficulty of specific pollination. Recently, there has been a worldwide interest in mango genomic to produce tools for Market Assisted Selection and trait association. There are five transcriptomes produces respectively in Israel, India, Mexico, Pakistan and the US. Our project “Mango Genome Database” is constructed upon the completion of the Pakistan leaf transcriptome and chloroplast genome of Mangifera Indica L. specie sequencing with the aim of providing the scientific community with an accurate data and annotation of the mango genome sequence. The project is consisting of a website which contains the information of predicted genes of the whole genome of Mango and the unigenes annotated in other species, GO (Gene Ontology) terms providing a glimpse of the pathways and traits in which they are involved. The annotated and analysed sequence data then can be browsed through Gene search page or queried using various categories in the search sites.