Inter disciplinarily in sports | Abstract
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Inter disciplinarily in sports

Author(s): Stacy Miller*

Sport science is a relatively new field of study that arose from the convergence of various sports-related disciplines. Scientific success in sport science is built on disciplinary expertise and a recognition that the field's essence is multi- and interdisciplinary." The scientific subject of neurology has been created under such a framework in this regard. The present work analyses three key research subjects in sport from a neuroscientific perspective, influenced by the apparent uniformity of this scientific realm. The relationship between mind and motor action, the effects of cognition on motor performance, and the study of certain mental states (such as the "flow" effect, see below) and motor control issues in order to understand, for example, the neural substrates of the vertical squat jump are all covered in this section. We propose that by adopting an interdisciplinary paradigm, sport science can mimic neuroscience in becoming a mono-discipline, based on the few extensive instances presented in this review.