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Isolation and Identification of Polyhydroxyalkanoates Producing Bacteria from Soil Sample in Tropical Forest of Anai Valley, West Sumatra, Indonesia

Author(s): Akmal Djamaan, Fitra Fauziah, Pusmegadewi, Dillasamola D., Asiska P. D. and Anthoni Agustien

Isolation and identification of polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) producing bacteria from soil sample in tropical forest of Anai Valley, West Sumatra, Indonesia which grown in palm oil – Bacto Agar has been carried out. This study was conducted by making the soil sample which diluted until concentration 10-4, and then it was inoculated into palm oil Bacto-Agar as the media. Palm oil was added about 2.3 grams in 500 mL bacto-agar and then incubated 30oC for 48 hours. The screening of the bacteria indicated produced PHA in the cells after cultivation was using staining by 1% solution of Nile Blue-A. The positive result was indicated by appearance of bacterial colonies which showed orange fluorescence which looked under ultraviolet (UV) light at wavelength of 365 nm. Results showed that there were 26 colonies of bacteria producing PHA isolated. The identification of bacteria isolated were conducted by macroscopic, microscopic and biochemical reactions. It was obtained there were 7 isolates of bacteria which potential to produce biopolymers which it could classified into four genus i.e. Alkaligenes [A2S(1), A2S(16), A5S(7)], Corynobacterium [A3S(1)], Achromobacter [A5S(6) ]and Enterobacter [A5S(10), B4S(2)].