Lateral Preference and Emotional Intelligence | Abstract
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Lateral Preference and Emotional Intelligence

Author(s): Hengameh Alibeik1, S. Abdolhamid Angaji2*, Sara Poriamanesh2 and Fariba Hasani3

Handedness or other sidedness, such as footdedness and eyedness, are not neutral and some costs are associated with left sidedness. The most frequency cited costs are a reduced longevity, a smaller height and weight, late puberty and a larger developmental instability. The persistence of the polymorphism of handedness is interesting and suggests that left-handedness must be associated with some benefits. In humans has been proposed that it is maintained by negative frequency-dependent selection. In the present research, we have focused on emotional Intelligence (EI) measured as Emotional intelligence Quotient (EQ) as a possible advantage involved in human leftsidedness. The crossed left footer seem to be more advantageous for emotional intelligence. The results that were found in the present research in relation to EQ confirmed the working hypothesis in essence but are inconsistent with the previous findings related to Intelligence Quotient (IQ). That led us to the statement that these two variables make separate and discrete contributions to performance and achievements of individuals with a left side preference.