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Annals of Biological Research


Malus domestica-“The King of Delicious Fruits” booming in the Paradise of Botanists (Arunachal Pradesh)

Author(s): Deepu Pandita, Anu Pandita and Shanu Pandita

Malus domestica belongs to rose family Rosaceae of Angiosperms. China is the world’s largest producer of apples
while India holds the second place in world trade market. The most common verities of apples in India are Red
Delicious and Granny Smith. In North West Hill Region, Jammu and Kashmir contributes 80% of India’s apple
production, Himachal Pradesh which is the second largest producer accounts for 12.5% and Uttarkhand produces
5% of India’s apples. In North East Hill Region, Arunachal Pradesh is the only major apple producing state outside
the north-western hill region in the country producing Black Bendavis, Royal gala, Jonathan, Red Gold , Gani Gala,
Rich-A-Red, Royal delicious, Red delicious, Golden delicious, Cooper- IV, McIntosh, Crofton, Granny smith,
Starkrimson, Fokla, Ruspippin, Rajakori, Ganu and Mutsu apple varieties. The apples are a great source of fiber
and pectin, and helps in controlling insulin levels, acts as anti cancerous, anti cholesterol and reduce risk of asthma
and diabetes. This paper will discuss the apple varieties of one of eight sister states of India, i.e.; Arunachal