Morphological study on Ficus genus in the west part of Iran | Abstract
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Morphological study on Ficus genus in the west part of Iran

Author(s): Mahtab Keshvari, Zahra Alaei Roozbahani, Fatemeh Azizi3, Saba Belgheisi, Saeedeh Atai4 and Nargess Abdali,

The Ficus genus assumed including 750-1800 species is known only with 3 species and sub-species in Iran (carica,
rupestris, and johannis). During 2008-2010 we collected 100 domestic, wild and feral ecotypes from 8 sites.
According to the flora Moraceae of Iran and IPGRI Descriptor some characteristics of fruit and leaf were
determined. Data was analyzed with Between Group Linkage by SPSS software var. 14. The Study shows following
findings: while 3 sub-species and species of Ficus cited in Moraceae Flora of Iran (carica, rupestris and johannis)
were found in the explored area, we found fruit of F.c. rupestris in different colors: yellow, black, and brown. In the
other hand F.c.rupestris and F.johannis were seen in different sizes: the progressive and normal plant to shrubs and
trees. As a result of the study the importance of leaf size and plant shape of Ficus to classification has reduced.
Intermediate forms of Ficus carica carica and Ficus carica rupestris were observed. In the domestic samples of our
research, Ficus carica carica var. siah of Lorestan is as Common type not Smyrna type. Also we observed a couple
of mislabeling in domestic figs. Finally genetic variation of some Ficus were Illustrated in dendrograms. As a
conclusion there is a real need to revise and complete the flora Moraceae of Iran.