Multicomponent Strategies for Direct Synthesis of N-heterocycles from Diketene | Abstract
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Journal of Computational Methods in Molecular Design


Multicomponent Strategies for Direct Synthesis of N-heterocycles from Diketene

Author(s): M M Heravi

Diketene (DK) is a reactive and versatile commercially available compound. It is frequently used for the introduction of substituted C2, C3, and C4 parts into organic compounds. It is also best known as an agent for the construction of acetoacetic acids. Noticeably, DK is an ideal compound for chemical investigation, since it is easily available, cheap, and reactive.1 It possesses electrophilic and nucleophilic sites which are capable of undergoing numerous reactions. Because of the significance and unique reactivities of ketenes and DK, we have demonstrated the usages of ketenes and DK as the privileged synthons in the formation of heterocyclic derivatives.2,3 Our group has been pursuing different methods for diverse potential biological activity nitrogencontaining heterocycles syntheses using multicomponent reaction since the past few years. In continuation of our efforts on the applications of DK as an outstanding synthon in the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds, herein, we wish to report the efficient and simple methods for the synthesis of poly-substituted nitrogen-containing heterocycles through one-pot multicomponent reactions involving DK