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Nootropic effect peculirities of ?²-cyclodextrin clathrate with succinic acid in experiment

Author(s): Sergievich A. A., Anan'ev V. Yu., Shipilov D. A., Kurochkina G. I., Grachev M. K., Batalova T. A, Khoroshikh P. P., Gafurov U. S. and Golohvast K. S.

In the present study it is shown the data of experimental testing of laboratory animals in universal problem camera in the application chamber CD-SA (clathrate β-cyclodextrin with the succinic acid in the ratio 2:1) in comparison with the alternative drugs (Mexidol and succinic acid). The experimental results showed that by the dose 10 mpg it significantly changes the indices predominantly of the cognitive sphere, expressing nootropic properties. It is shown, that in the raw of the drugs of comparison according to the degree of impact on the cognitive sphere, the effect CDSA is close to the similar effect of Mexidol. Presumably CD-SA potentially activates the mechanisms of the declarative memory in the laboratory animals in the experiment.