Nucleopathy a New Dimension of Proper Diagnoses and Treatment | Abstract
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Nucleopathy a New Dimension of Proper Diagnoses & Treatment

Author(s): Shahid H. Sheikh

The conventional allopathy over the centuries has made numerous advancements in the timely protection of human life. Defining certain boundaries of the diagnoses & treatment of the ailing human body has only drawn a guideline to limit the scope of treatment and care generally symptomatic in nature. Therefore, the quest of an investigation into the etiology of the ailments left muffled to extend the possible cure. It has limited the healthcare arena worldwide to cytopathology at the end, as the cell a basic unit of any system of the human body. In today’s world, many diseases are treated symptomatically; not knowing the full etiology. This opens up a new door in this era of technological advancement to further into the nucleus of the basic controlling cells of the system and ultimately create a better understanding of the parthenogenesis. Atomic Force Microscopy has given a new meaning to the scientific revelation, the Nano Biology, The 1 billion times magnification than its own size. Many scientists deployed and unraveled the secrets of ever-growing nano pathologies contributing to the chronic diseases that are known in today’s world as incurable. Therefore, the symptomatic treatment fails to entertain the permanent growth of the nano pathologies undermining the homeostasis of the full function of the suffering system. Nucleopathy is indeed the beginning point of the “primary Disease” that must be entertained for curative treatment to give back the quality of life to the ailing humanity.