Nutritional contribution in trace elements of bottled water in Morocco | Abstract
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Nutritional contribution in trace elements of bottled water in Morocco

Author(s): M. Ghalit, E. Gharibi, J-D. Taupin, E. B. Yousfi and A. Zarrouk

Production and variety of bottled waters in Morocco have experienced an increase in recent years in response to a growing consumption increased. There are now several brands with different labels, packaging and volumes. Our work is focused on the quality of study, specifically the load of trace elements in these waters. The analysis is performed by ICP-MS spectroscopy. All results are discussed according to Moroccan standards and WHO guidelines for assessing the nutritional contribution of the samples studied. The study showed that all waters contain a fairly large amount of Si. Moreover aerated mineral waters are loaded with total trace elements for the geological nature of the area in which they arise. Comparing the abundance of a trace element with respect to the total concentration outside the silicon showed a high variability in the strongly dependent on water composition of the geographic zone in the water sample, This finding was confirmed by the study of the importance of trace elements in relation to the total dissolved ions, Carbonated mineral waters provide more than 24% of trace elements necessary outside of the silicon, As against other waters do not bring more than 0.5% of the necessary contributions.