Patients├ó┬?┬? Attitudes Towards Analgesic Usage in Nsukka Community | Abstract
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Patients├ó┬?┬? Attitudes Towards Analgesic Usage in Nsukka Community

Author(s): Modupe Iretiola Builders and Cletus Nze Aguwa

Analgesics, though relatively safe, are among the commonly used and abused drugs. Many people concomitantly take the same analgesics of different brands thereby contributing to analgesic nephropathy. In this study we examined patients' attitudes towards analgesic usage. Male and female patient of ages 11 to 70 years were approached in the Nsukka community out-patient hospital; pattern of analgesic use was assessed by response to questionnaires. Six hundred and ninety three patients completed the questionnaires. The clinical conditions for which the patients used analgesics for were headache, general body pains, stomach pains, menstrual pains, chest pain, tooth ache and pains associated with other disease conditions. Acetaminophen, phenylbutazone, indomethacine, metamizole, and ibuprofen were the most frequently used analgesics. Generally 79.8% of the patients were on self medication, while 60% of the patients’ preferred injectable to oral analgesics also 90% of the patients had already taken analgesics before coming to the hospital. There is need for analgesic education programme placing emphasis upon the hazard associated with analgesics abuse.

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