Performance Testing for Rugby League | Abstract
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Performance Testing for Rugby League

Author(s): Thomas J Brunsden*

Rugby league is a collision-based sport that last for 80 minutes. Teams are made up of 13 players (6 forwards and 7 backs). For athletes to be highly competitive in this sport, they have to be: fast; have good aerobic capacity, strong, powerful, and agile. Therefore, Strength and conditioning professionals must be able run an effective testing battery that is reliable, valid and specific to rugby league. In most cases these tests need to be performed with limited time and equipment. Based on Scientific research the following testing battery has been advised: Anthropometry (height, body mass, and skin folds), 40 m sprint, 5-0-5 agility, reactive agility, repeat high intensity ability test, intermitted Yo-Yo test, counter movement jump, 1 rm power clean, 1 rm bench throw, 1 rm parallel back squat, 1 rm bench press, and 1 rm pull up/chin up. After the testing battery it completed coaches can use this data for: Athletic profiling; assessing training adaptations; providing feedback to coaches and their athletes; and to predict athletic performance.