Personalized and Regeneration Medicine require a Coagulum-OMICs Model | Abstract
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Personalized and Regeneration Medicine require a Coagulum-OMICs Model

Author(s): James Andrew Henry

Background: In 2017, a program on patient blood management was posted to the National External Quality Assurance Scheme conference for hemostasis and thrombosis. This subsequent coagulum-OMIC framework is a standard for predictive value within personalized and regeneration medicine. An OMIC model is a foresight by the author of this program to achieve OMIC. This model sustains the success of Coagulum-OMICS when supported with the ISO 9000 series. Study: ISO 9001 and 9004 are powerful tools to identify and define good practice in an OMIC model. ISO 9001 is a process based standard and an ideal standard for OMIC interfaces. The greater challenge in haemostasis and thrombosis is the end to end process involves several parts of healthcare under different clinical management or vendor arrangements. The flexibility of ISO 9004 makes it an ideal tool to access Coagulum-OMICs and sustain the success of personalised and regeneration medicine