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Pharmacognostical studies on leaf of Piper betle

Author(s): K. Vasuki, R. Senthamarai, T. Shri Vijaya Kirubha, P. Balasubramanian and S. Selvadurai

Plants are the principle source of raw material for plant based medicines since ancient times the traditional medicines are receiving great importance in the health care sector the world over. There is a need for the application of knowledge about medicinal plants for the purpose of authentication, detailed study and practical utilization of crude drugs. The present study deals with the taxonomy anatomy powder study pertaining to organoleptic, microscopic, fluroscence, physical constant investigations and Preliminary Phytochemical screening of Piper betle, Linn., We found some additional anatomical characters such as silicified cells (silica bodies),”PEARL GLANDS”. These characters have not been reported in ayurvedic pharmacopiea.So these additional diagnostic characters of Piper betle, Linn., are recommended to make necessary inclusions in the ayurvedic pharmacopoeia.