Pharmacological effect of Actiumlappa: A review study | Abstract
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Pharmacological effect of Actiumlappa: A review study

Author(s): Sepideh Miraj and Zahra keivani

Actium lappa in the sunflower family, is a biennial plant, rather tall, reaching as much as 3 cultivated in gardens for its root used as a vegetable native This species is native to the temperate regions of the old world. It has large, alternating, cordiform leaves that have a long petiole and are pubescent on the underside. The aim of this study was to overview its therapeutic effects of this plant. This review article was carried out by searching studies in PubMed, Medline, Web of Science, and IranMedex databases .The initial search strategy identified about 58 references. In this study, 27 studies was accepted for further screening and met all our inclusion criteria [in English, full text, therapeutic effects of Actium lappa and dated mainly from the year 1996 to 2016.The search terms were “Actium lappa”, “therapeutic properties”, “pharmacological effects”. It is commonly used for its antioxidants and antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory effects, anti-cancers, anti-allergic effect, anti-ulcer effect, antitubercular activity, anti-acne, anti-dermal fibroblast, ,anti-sterility, anti-ulcerogenic, ulcerative colitis, angiostrongyliasis effect, gastroprotective activity, hepatoprotective effects, anti-aging effect, anti-austeric activity, cytotoxicity effect. Different medicinal properties of this plantrequire more studies regarding to other unknown properties of this valuable plant.

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