Phytochemicals and Bioactive Potential of Trachyspermum ammi L. | Abstract
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Phytochemicals and Bioactive Potential of Trachyspermum ammi L.

Author(s): Narendra K, Paul Khurana SM

Trachyspermum ammi (Bishop’s weed, carom seed, ajowan or ajwain) is an erect annual herb from family Apiaceae used most commonly as condiment in Indian kitchen. It has a lot of applications in Indian system of medicine. This is a storehouse of many active compounds with pharmacological effects. The present work highlights the phytochemistry, pharmacological activities and traditional benefits of the plant. The phytochemical investigations have revealed the presence of alkaloids, steroids, glycosides, tannins, saponin and flavonoids, thymene, amino acids, dietary fiber as well as essential oils like thymol, c-terpinene, p-cymene. It also has much nutritional value. This is rich in carbohydrates. Protein, ash and fiber and fat contents are also present. It has inhibitory action against bacteria viz., Bacillus pumilus, Staphylococcus aureus, S. epidermidis, Klebsiella pneumonia and Bordetella bronchiseptica, Enterococcus faecalis, P. aeruginosa, Salmonella typhi, S. typhimurium etc and fungi viz., Acrophialophora fusispora Curvularia lunata, Fusarium chlamydosporum, F. moniliforme, F. poae, Myrothecium roridum, Papulaspora sp., Alternaria grisea, A. tenuissima etc. This possesses various pharmacological activities viz., antidiarrhoeal, antifungal antibacterial, antiviral, antispasmodic, antihypertensive and bronchodilating, abortifacient, galactogogic, antioxidant, antiulcer, anti aflatoxigenic, antifilarial, hepatoprotective and antihyperlipidemic effect. This has digestive stimulant actions. The seeds are highly useful in peptic ulcers. This bears blood pressure lowering potential. Two mericarps are present in fruit. So it is essential to find out its new medicinal uses and pi-anion interactions. The consequences of in silico pharmacokinetic inferred their potential as potent α-glucosidase inhibitor.