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Potential Impact of Talbina on Pituitary-Adrenal-Gonadal Disorders in Hypothyroid Adult Female Rats

Author(s): Marwa M Abd Rabo, Lobna F Wahman, Magda Hm Yousef

Hypothyroidism can impair pituitary-gonadal-adrenal function in adult female rats. Purpose: This study is designed to investigate the possible ameliorating effect of talbina on pituitary-gonadal-adrenal disorders as well as the oxidative stress which induced by hypothyroidism in adult female rats. Methods: Adult female albino rats were divided into 4 groups; Euthyroid intact control group, Euthyroid group orally administered talbina (100, hypothyroid group (received daily 5.0 mg kg-1 NeoMercazole®,) and hypothyroid +talbina group (orally co- administered 5.0 plus 100 talbina).Treatment with talbina started after one month from hypothyroid induction for consecutive 30 days. Results revealed that NeoMercazole® exhibited a state of hypothyroidism, induced significant depletion in serum estradiol; follicle-stimulating hormone levels in contrast a significant elevation in corticosterone and prolactin, elevation in serum extracellular regulate kinase 1/2 (ERK1/2) and evoked an oxidative stress status by elevating serum 8-hydroxy guanosine which initiated apoptosis by elevating serum apoptotic marker Caspase-3, with respect to control group. The treatment with talbina showed a significant ameliorative effect, which reversed the exacerbated effect of hypothyroidism by alleviating the disruption of thyroid, gonadal and adrenal functions and enhanced the protection against oxidative stress and apoptosis. Conclusion: these results evidenced that talbina acted on multi arrays for protecting the physiological functions against hypothyroid adverse impact.