Preparation and evaluation of polyherbal cosmetic cream | Abstract
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Preparation and evaluation of polyherbal cosmetic cream

Author(s): Ashish Aswal, Mohini Kalra and Abhiram Rout

The present study was to prepare and evaluate the polyherbal cosmetic cream comprising extracts of natural products such as Aloe vera, Cucumis sativus and Daucus carota. Different types of formulations oil in water (O/W) herbal creams namely F1 to F7 were formulated by incorporating different concentrations of stearic acid and cetyl alcohol. The evaluations of all formulations (F1 to F7) were done on different parameters like pH, viscosity, spreadibilty and stability were examined. Formulations F6 and F7 showed good spreadibilty, good consistency, homogeneity, appearance, pH, spreadibilty, no evidence of phase separation and ease of removal. The formulation F6 and F7 shows no redness, edema, inflammation and irritation during irritancy studies. These formulations are safe to use for skin. These studies suggest that composition of extracts and base of cream of F6 and F7 are more stable and safe, it may produce synergistic action.