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Proniosomal Gel: A provesicular approach for transdermal drug delivery

Author(s): Kiran Yadav, Deepak Yadav, Kamal Saroha, Sanju Nanda, Pooja Mathur, Navneet Syan

Over the last few years a comprehensive research has been done over proniosomal gel as a provesicular approach for transdermal drug delivery. However skin has a very tough diffusion barrier that is lipid bilayer in the stratum corneum inhibiting penetration of drug moiety which is rate limiting barrier for penetration of drugs. Vesicular systems (niosomes & liposomes) are promising systems to cross this permeation barrier. They may act as vehicles or as permeation enhancer for bioactive materials to enhance their penetration via stratum corneum. But their major drawback is their unstability, which can be overcome by utilizing provesicular approaches like proniosomes. Proniosomes (gel) are semisolid liquid crystal products of nonionic surfactants easily prepared by dissolving the surfactant in a minimal amount of an acceptable solvent (ethanol) and the least amount of aqueous phase (water). Proniosomal gel offers a great potential to reduce the side effects of drugs and increased therapeutic effectiveness. Proniosomes can entrap both hydrophilic and hydrophobic drugs. In this review we have covered proniosomal drug delivery along with preparation, formulation and evaluation parameters of proniosomes as drug carrier.