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Annals of Biological Research


Proximate and chemical composition of OGI prepared from whole and powdered grains (Maize, Sorghum and Millet)

Author(s): O. O. Pikuda and N. O. Ilelaboye*

Ogi was prepared by steeping whole grains and powdered grains in water for 72 hrs and 18 hrs respectively. Crude Protein, Crude Fat, Crude Fibre and Total Ash content was higher in ogi prepared from steeped whole grains than those made from steeped powdered grains for all the grains used. Nitrogen free extract was observed to be higher in ogi made from steeped powdered grains. All the minerals (Fe, Zn, Mg, Na, K and Ca) analysed were lower in ogi prepared from powdered grains. However the results shows that the removal of antinutrients (cyanide, phytate and Tannin) was achieved more using steeped powdered grains to prepare ogi, though cyanide was not detected in ogi made from millet. Steeping of all the grains before milling is a better method because it produced ogi with a better nutritional quality.