Public Perceptions of Entomophagy as A Sustainable Source Protein Intake | Abstract
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Public Perceptions of Entomophagy as A Sustainable Source Protein Intake

Author(s): Charlotte Baker

Issues such as the climate crisis, an ageing and growing population, and increased levels of health consciousness means there is a greater need for sustainable and healthy foods. For these reasons, an increasing number of individuals are reducing their intake of animal products However, reducing the intake of certain food groups can have adverse effects, and is not necessarily healthy or sustainable. A questionnaire was used to assess people’s willingness to partake in entomological practice, considering any personal variables that might influence this dietary change. A sensory evaluation was also conducted to determine preference between vegetarian and entomological burgers. 219 participants from a range of backgrounds completed the questionnaire, with results suggesting that factors such as age and dietary preference had no impact on their willingness to consume entomophagy foods. However, the sensory study with 22 participants, showed that there was a significant difference in the sensory properties between the 2 samples, and that individuals preferred the non-entomological sample. This was analyzed using an Anova statistical test. Overall, the results suggested that further research into this aria would be highly beneficial.