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Quantitative Estimation of Reserpine in Different Parts of R. serpentina and R. tetraphylla by Using HPTLC

Author(s): Sangram K Panda, Priyabrata Pattanayak, Awadhesh Oraon, Pravat K Parhi

Due to its high demand over the world market the genuine plant (i.e R.serpentina Linn. benth. exkurz) is almost on he track of extinction and in future can be categorized as an endangered species. Therefore in our study it was attempted to search reserpine from other parts R. serpentina and R. tetraphylla. The analytical data revealed that 72% of reserpine present in R. Serpentina is found in its root where as 25% and 3% of reserpine are present in stem and leaf respectively. Similarly in case of R. tetraphylla the distribution of reserpine are 74%, 22% and 4% in root, stem and leaf respectively. So other parts of both the species can be explored for the isolation of bioactive reserpine and the commercial plant R. Serpentina can be minimized from over exploitations and extinction.