Relationship between Physical Fitness and Anthropometric Indicators in Non-athlete Students | Abstract
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Relationship between Physical Fitness and Anthropometric Indicators in Non-athlete Students

Author(s): Ahmad alimardani, Mohsen Akbarpour Beni, Mohammad Deheshti, Mohammad Alimardani.

The aim of this study was to relationship between physical fitness factors and anthropometric indicators (BMI and WHR) among non-athlete students of Qom University. For this purpose, 220 non-athlete female students and 222 non-athlete male students from Qom University who had physical education unit 1 were selected as accessible research participants. Then, physical fitness factors including (horizontal bars, flexibility, sit-up, Swedish swimming, 160 and 540 meter running and anthropometric indicators (BMI and WHP) were taken from the participants and Pearson correlation was used to analyze the data in SPSS software, version 16. The results showed a significant and negative correlation between 540 and 1600 meter running and horizontal bar on the one hand and WHR on the other and a positive and significant correlation between swimming test and WHR among female students. There was also a negative and significant correlation between 540 meter and station running and BMI in female students while flexibility, sit-up and swimming tests did not show any significant correlation with BMI. The obtained results of this study showed a negative and significant correlation between physical fitness factors in nonathlete female and male students and BMI and WHP anthropometric indicators so that it can be stated, with increasing BMI and WHR, physical performance decreased. Therefore, in order to improve physical performance of non-athlete students, it is recommended for coaches to design and implement their training programs to improve and control body composition in students and perform their assessment based on the situation of body composition in students.