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Annals of Biological Research


Rheological properties of skin gelatin of Beluga Sturgeon (Huso Huso) from The Caspian Sea

Author(s): Abbas Mahjoorian, Seyed Ali Mortazavi, Hamid Tavakolipour*, Ali Motamedzadegan and Bijan Askari

The effect of Pre-treatment condition has been studied for extracting gelatin from Beluga Sturgeon fish skin with acetic Acid (0.2 N and 2.0 N) and NaOH (0.2 N and 2.0 N) on gelatin extraction yield, melting point, viscosity and SDS-PAGE electrophoresis pattern of the solution. The results showed that extraction yield increased by increasing acid concentration or decreasing NaOH concentration (p<0.05). The samples treated with 2.0 N acid- 2.0 N NaOH solutions and 0.2 N Acid – 2.0 N NaOH solutions had the lowest and the highest melting point respectively. The values were respectively 17°C and 23°C. The results showed a significant correlation between the type of gelatin and its functionality