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Screening Polyethylene Synthetic Plastic Degrading-Bacteria from Soil

Author(s): Anthoni Agustien, Mifthahul Jannah and Akmal Djamaan

Screening polyethylene synthetic plastic degrading-bacteria from soil sample has been conducted. Soil samples that been used in this research taken from The Final Waste Process Area, Padang City, West Sumatra, Indonesia. The purpose of this research is to know bacterial isolates that have potential to degrading polyethylene synthetic plastic. Soil bacterial isolation has been done with serial dilution then inoculated with pour plate technique in Nutrient Agar medium. Results showed that there is 24 different bacterial isolated. From 24 bacterial isolated there is 11 isolates indicating degrading bacteria of polyethylene synthetic plastic. Bacterial isolates with code BTS-5 has highest potential in degrading polyethylene plastic (11.7% w/w) and BTS-9, BTS-12 has lowest potential (0,9% w/w).