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Seroprevalence of Toxoplasmosis in Tabriz city-Iran

Author(s): Saeid Kheirjou and Ramin Kheirjou

Having been known for over 100 years, Toxoplasma gondii is one of zoonosis agents. Because of the risk of abortion and congenital defects, detection of contamination with this parasite is important. Evaluation of anti-Toxoplasma IgM and IgG was conducted in referrals of clinical laboratory in Tabriz City during 2015 through chemiluminescens method. Among 7520 referrals for ToxoIgG test, 3054 (40.6%) were positive and 4466 (59.3%) were negative. Of 7159 referrals for ToxoIgM test, 221 (3.08%) were positive, 101 (1.4%) were suspicious, and 6837 (95.5%) were negative. Regarding IgG and IgM values, the cases above 8 u/ml are considered positive. Being IgM-positive in not solely advisable to find out recent infection and other confirmatory tests must also be done. According to the assessments accomplished, the presence of IgM alone in the absence of other antibodies indicates infection acquisition during some recent months in the form of acute disease. IgG often appears two weeks after infection and culminates during one to two months, gradually decreasing after that and lasting for whole life. Since most Toxoplasmosis complications are observed during the last three months of pregnancy and noting the high prevalence of ToxoIgG cases, it is advisable for women at the productive age to be informed of their ToxoIgG test before pregnancy.