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Standardization of Sitopaladi Churna: A Poly-Herbal Formulation

Author(s): Sangram Keshari Panda, Snehasis Das, Manaswini Behera, Bichitra Tripathi and Debasis Pati

Standardization of herbal formulation is essential in order to asses the quality of drugs for therapeutic value. According to an estimate of World Health Organization (W.H.O) nearly 80% of populations of developing countries rely on traditional medicines. The World Health Organization (WHO) in 1999 has given a detail protocol for the standardization of herbal drugs comprising of a single content, but very little literature is available for the standardization of poly-herbal formulation. We have developed a simple schem for standardization and authentification of sitopaladi Churna. Four marketed preparations and in-house preparations were used for the study. performed The various parameters including organoleptic characteristics and physicochemical . HPTLC was carried out for quantitative analysis of all the formulations.The set parameters were found to be sufficient to standardize the Sitopaladi Churna and can be used as reference standards for the quality control/ quality assurance study mostly on plant drugs for their primary health care needs.