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Standardization, Phytochemical and Pharmacological evaluation of Cassia tora seed extracts

Author(s): Roopashree T.S, Raman dang, Shobha Rani R.H, Narendra C

Pharmacognostic investigation of the fresh, powdered and anatomical sections of the seeds of Cassia tora was carried out. The seeds were subjected to extraction and extract was standardized as per the guidelines and methods set by world health organization for herbal drugs. Antimicrobial activity of the standardized extract was carried out against both G +ve and G â??ve organisms by cup-plate technique. Pharmacognostic evaluation confirmed the authenticity of the seeds, while phytochemical studies revealed the presences of carbohydrates, glycosides, saponins, triterpenes, tannins and some flavanoids in the extracts. The extract was identified by the presence of emodine in it by HPTLC. The extract was free from heavy metals and arsenic. The ash values were with in the acceptable limits. The saponin content of the extract was found to be 18.4%. Antibacterial evaluation revealed that aqueous extract was more effective and S.aureus was the most susceptible organism.