Students studying exercise science\'s attitudes about obese people | Abstract
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Students studying exercise science\'s attitudes about obese people

Author(s): Miland Singh*

Negative attitudes and views about people who are overweight or obese are known as weight bias. Explicit types of weight prejudice include those held by those in the fields of education (i.e., teachers), medicine, and public health. These beliefs and opinions must be expressed consciously. Healthcare professionals frequently assign unfavorable labels and stereotypes, such as "lazy," "weak," "lack willpower," "unattractive," or "unintelligent," to persons who are obese. In reality, obese patients have complained that their healthcare staff has a low level of regard for them, poor communication skills, and lack of training. Being subjected to weight prejudice in healthcare settings is particularly damaging as it can have a negative impact on patient engagement and service use. The prejudices of future health professionals are a worry because they could discourage patients and clients from adopting healthier lifestyles.