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Annals of Biological Research


Study the effect of varieties and planting date on sunflower production (Helianthus annuus L.)

Author(s): Bagheripour Mohammad Ali, Asad Abadi Behrouz and Akbarian Mohammad Mahdi

This experiment was conducted to evaluate the Effect of Planting Date on Sunflower Production (helianthus annuus L.) To perform this experiment, the statistical design of factorial in the form of completely randomized blocks, with 4 replications was used. The grade factor was studied in 3 levels (Record = V1, Zaria =V2, Golshid =V3) and planting date factor was studied in four levels (July 15 =D1, July 30 =D2, August 14 = D3 , August 29 =D4 ). The obtained results showed that the effect of grade and planting date on diameter of circular flower of Helianthus annuus , thousand seed weight and seed yield was meaning full . but the mutual effect of planting date and grade on above mentioned cases was not meaningful. The highest yield of seed and oil was 3523 and 1713 Kg/h , respectively which was related to Golshid grade and was obtained on August 14 After that on planting date of August 29 , The grade of Golshid with production of 3313 kilograms seeds had the most production . The lowest level of seed yield was obtained on planting date of July 15 by grade of zaria which was 1900 kg seeds per hectare and after that the lowest yield of seed was obtained by record grade and on planting date of July 15 which was 2030 kg seeds per hectare. Increasing yield in planting date of August 14 is probably related to suitable climate conditions at the time of flowering and pollination and larger number of pollinating bees and insects.