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Annals of Biological Research


Studying consequences of drought on economic condition of farmers in Iran (Ashtian)

Author(s): M. Arfaee*, A. Zand, S. M. Mirdamadi and B. Ansari

The purpose of this study was to analysis consequences of drought on economic condition of farmers at Ashtian area. This is a descriptive correlation research. To collect the data a questionnaire was developed. The results of correlation coefficient indicated that, there is relationship between variables (called independent) of: literacy level, number of participation in meetings, communication with agencies, use information sources, procedures applied for renovate and water conservation, and number of participation in training classes. With variable of economical influential from drought condition (called dependent) had convert relationship. Results of multiple variable regression in relation to studying effect of independent variable on influence from economic consequences of drought show that variables including: number of times participating at training course related to drought and using information resource has reverse role on influence from economic consequences of drought. Aforesaid variables generally explain 53% changes of dependant variable.