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Annals of Biological Research


Studying the effects of zinc and manganese on crop characteristics and rice yield the variety of Rice (Oriza sative L.)

Author(s): Azadeh Deilami, Hamid Reza Mobaser and Amiri Abbas Musavi

An experiment was done in crop year 2011, in Tonekabon city, in the form of factorial and in the frame of randomized complete block design, with four replication to study the effects of some micro- nutritive elements on yield and yield components of rice grain, the variety of Oriza sative.l. There were two micro- nutritive elements of zinc and manganese that zinc sulphates included three leaves without consumption, with consumption of 20 and 40 kg. hectare and manganese in two levels that included: without consumption, and with consumption of 30Kgm.hectar. The obtained results showed that straw yield with consuming zinc sulphates to the amount of 20kgm.hectar is 14% more than the time when it is not consumed, but straw yield increased 9.2% when manganese sulphates were used to the among of 30kgm.hectar. The most grain yield obtained under double interaction effects for the treatment of consuming 20kgm zinc sulphates and 30 kgm manganese sulphates per hectar (329.6gm per square meter), that it was because of the increase in total triller number, fertilized triller in pile, total number in cluster and being more full in cluster. The most amount of grain manganese (30.2mgm.kgm of grain) will consumption of 20 kgm zinc sulphate per hectar, obtained. The most amount of grain manganese obtained under interaction of two elements (32.25 mgm. kgm of grain) for plot with consumption of 20 kgm zinc sulphate and 30kgm manganese sulphate.hectare. As a whole, the consumption of both 20kgm zinc sulphate and 30kgm manganese sulphate.hectare is recommended through increasing grain yield and absorbing more manganese. Key words: