Sub-acute Toxicity Profile of Aqueous Seed Extracts of Dacryodes edulis | Abstract
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Sub-acute Toxicity Profile of Aqueous Seed Extracts of Dacryodes edulis

Author(s): Ogechukwu F Odo, Peter U Achukwu, Nkiruka C Azubuike, Okechukwu S Onwukwe, Anulika O Onyemelukwe, Adaorah J Ekoh

This study assessed the subacute toxicity effects of the aqueous seed extracts of Dacryodes edulis in albino rats. Twenty animals divided into four groups (A – D) of five animals each. Groups A - C were given daily oral doses of 800, 400 and 200 mg/kg bodyweight respectively for 28 days; group D served as the control. Changes in body weight, relative organ weight (ROW), haematological and biochemical assays and organ histology were used to assess toxicity of the extract at the end of administration. It was observed that the treated animals had increased ROW of their stomachs. The haematological parameters and biochemical parameters measured were normal except serum aspartate transaminase and urea which were significantly increased when compared to the control group. The extracts had no toxic effect on all assessed organs of animals that received 400 and 200 mg/kg body weight; however at a dose of 800 mg/kg bodyweight histopathological changes were observed in the kidney sections of the animals in that group. These results suggests that aqueous extracts of D. edulis may be largely safe for oral consumption however it should be administered with caution because of the few toxic effects observed.