Surgicial Robotics,Healthcare Roboticsand Frameworks in Robotics | Abstract
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Surgicial Robotics,Healthcare Robotics& Frameworks in Robotics

Author(s): Thameem Fowzan

Advances in Robotics technology are enabling a data and information revolution in Healthcare. There is a lot of noise from manufacturers around the utility and feasibility of Surgical Robots, sensors and wearables like Exoskeletons, which could be seen as feeding the anticipated utility of such devices. There are a number of challenges and hurdles in the early stages of incorporating such technologies into clinical trials. This presentation will discuss these challenges and what needs to be done to address these concerns around cost of implementation, integration capability, clinical utility, and patient confidentiality. The volume, variety, and velocity of data being generated by disparate devices could generate a wealth of data, and organizations need to be prepared to handle big data in real time. Data standards need to be agreed upon by governing bodies, and analytical capabilities need to be developed if the potential of mobility is to be fully recognized. This presentation will address potential solutions derived from participating in industry consortia on mobility and big data, as well as multiple interactions with device vendors and pharmaceutical companies.