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Synthesis and study of antimicrobial agent 3-(3-substituted-1Hindon- 1-yl)-2-phenylquinoline-4-carboxylic acid

Author(s): Anees A. Siddiqi , Jaya Dwivedi, Swapnil Sharma, Rajani Chauhan

Present work describes the Synthesis of 3-(3-substituted-1H-indon-1-yl)-2-phenylquinoline-4- carboxylic acid derivatives by Pfitzinger reaction of isatin with 2(1H-indol-1-yl)-1-phenyl ethanone and 1-phenyl-2-[-3-(substituted)-1-H-indole-1-yl] ethanone. The structures of all the compounds are established by elemental analysis, IR, 1H NMR and Mass spectral data. These compounds possess excellent antimicrobial activity against bacteria and fungi.